FAER McAfee Scholar Awards 2017-18


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Scholar Awards Program

We are conducting the FAER scholar program to select and award "scholars" status to meritorious students from engineering colleges based on a project work with a rigorous three stage selection process referred and conducted by experts in the areas of (1) Computer Science, (2) Mobile Communications, (3) Renewable Energy Systems, (4) Signal Processing, (5) Rural Technologies, (6) Healthcare Technologies, (7) Labour Saving Technologies for Women, (8) Ecology and Environment, (9) Mobile Applications.

The objective of the FAER scholar program is to encourage creativity and innovation amongst the students in polytechnics and engineering institutions across India particularly those in rural and semi-urban areas making them to think and prepare detailed project proposals on areas and topics of relevance related to rural areas, rural communications, agricultural information systems, e-Governance, resource utilization, ecology, watershed development, renewable resources etc.,

Prize Amount

  • First Prize : Rs. 100,000/- (Rs. 80,000 for the students team and Rs. 20,000 for the project guide)
  • Second Prize : Rs. 75,000/- (Rs. 60,000 for the students team and Rs. 15,000 for the project guide)
  • Third Prize : Rs. 50,000/- (Rs. 40,000 for the students team and Rs. 10,000 for the project guide)

Selection Process

Stage 1 : FAER will receive project proposals from students in engineering colleges, screen them with the help of experts and select projects for funding. An amount up to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/- will be reimbursed to each project team after completion of their project.

Stage 2 : Selection of "FAER -McAfee Scholars" based on the evaluation of the completed projects through a Seminar-cum-Exhibition and best projects will be awarded with Cash Prize and Certificates in FAER - McAfee Scholar Awards Presentation Function.

Dates to Remember :

Last date for receipt of hardcopy of the proposals for projects. Please send softcopy of the proposal by 10th November 2017. Email:
Project Approvals by FAER. 20th January 2018.

The proposals duly certified by the project guide and Principal should reach the address mentioned below on or before 30th October 2017.

Foundation for Advancement of Education and Research
G5, Swiss Complex, 33, Race Course Road, Bengaluru - 560001

Rules of the Contest & Proposal Format

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List of Selected Proposals for FAER-McAfee Scholar program 2017-2018

S.NoProject NameCollege NameGuide Name
1Novel detection of level by level dynamics in skin cancer using BIOMEMS sensorVel Tech Multi Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering CollegePadmapriya
2Online payment system using stegaNography and visual cryptographyVel Tech Multi Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering CollegeA.Rengarajan
3Face recognition model using back propagationVel Tech Multi Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering CollegeR.Aswini priyanka
4Automatic Breast Cancer Detection in the compressed domainNitte Mahalinga Adyanthaya memorial(NMAM) Institute of TechnologyMohammed Javed
5Background In-painting for videos and images with dynamic objects Srinivas Institute of TechnologySwathi
6UWB radar for soil quality testingPanimalar Institute of TechnologyM.P.Chitra/M.Premkumar
7Assistive Technologies for prediction of coronary artery diseasesRamaiah Institute of TechnologyRaghuram.S
8Augmented reality concept on rural and urban areas schools education developmentR.V.S.College of Engineering and technologyHarish kumar
9A dynamic DNA for key-based cryptographyK.L.E College of Engineering and TechnologyBahubali.M.Akiwate
10Prosthetic hand for disabledDronacharya College of EngineeringChandra shekar singh
11Remote fall monitoring system for elderly peopleRamaiah Institute of TechnologySara Mohan george
12Visual impairment invention-finger clamped tamil reading device for the blindExcel Engineering CollegeC.Sharmila
13Diagnosis chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) using E-Nose TechnologyErode Segunthar Engineering CollegeM.Karthikkumar
14GMM based multimodal biometric verificationRamaiah Institute of TechnologySara Mohan george
15Raspberry pi based smart home for physically challenged persons using andrios applicationSasurie College of EngineeringS.Govindaraj
16Mining health care records -A graph based approachK.L.E College of Engineering and TechnologySunil Hebbale
17Low power and area efficient DCT algorithm for image processing applicationRamco Institute of TechnologyMr. A.Azhagu Jaisudhan Pazhani
18Experiment to test the effect of magnetic field on fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in internal combustion engineExcel College of Engineering & TechnologyM.Chandrasekaran
19Robot interaction system using reiforcement learningDr.N.G.P Institute of TechnologyK.Muthulakshmi
20Synthesis of Bio-plastic from Prosopic Juliflora(Karuvela Maram) for Food Packing ApplicationKongu Engineering CollegeJaya Bharathi.J
21Meeting the drinking water requirement of remote rural commodities by purification of brackish water by Membrane Free Electro De-Ionization(MFEDI)Kongu Engineering CollegeK.Chandra Mohan
22Smart hygiene monitoring system for public toiletAkshaya College of Engineering and TechnologyT.Boobalan
23Cars with earsK.C.G.College of TechnologyK.Karthikeyan
24Frequency-based detection of female Aedes mosquito using surface acoustic wave techNologySelvam College of TechnologyS.Arulmurugan
25Detection of distracted drivers using machine learningDronacharya College of EngineeringAnu Rani
26Smart village by using raspberry pi controllerHirasugar Institute of TechnologyB.R.Umarane
27Effective utilization of micro organisms in decomposal of solid wasteNandha Engineering CollegeR.Pradheepa
28Mobile assistive app for visually impairedDronacharya College of EngineeringNeha verma
29Improved network security using three level securityVel Tech Multi Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering CollegeAnu
30Circet bracelet for smart phones using WI-FISasurie College of EngineeringS.Govindaraj