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Foundation for Advancement of Education and Research
G5, Swiss Complex, 33, Race Course Road, Bangalore - 560001
Website: www.faer.ac.in || E-mail: office@faer.ac.in

Objectives of Foundation for Advancement of Education and Research


The main objectives of the foundation are

  • To bring together industry leaders and academics so as to take up several short duration activities like faculty development programs in engineering colleges and polytechnics, technology leadership programs, laboratory developments, initiation of research in new areas, development of learning resources for various topics and long term post diploma / graduate programs in engineering areas.

  • Introduction of new innovative programs, setting up of new institutions, development of inexpensive devices and kits for use by all including rural institutions and schools, etc.

  • The domain of the foundation is not restricted to one state or region or country. It will provide catalytic role in several educational innovations in collaboration with other institutions and industries. It has already succeeded in networking several organizations and industries. The foundation will work with concerned agencies to reduce digital divide and promote sustainable development of rural areas and underprivileged persons. The structure of operation and linkages are shown in the diagram.

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