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 Participants for Academic Autonomy

Date: 21st January 2006

No. of Attendees: 81

Name of the Participant

Designation Institution
Dr. KA Krishnamurthy Principal S.S.I.T., Tumkur
Prof. Ashok Mehta Project Coordinator S.S.I.T., Tumkur
Prof. CNN Murthy A.O. S.S.I.T., Tumkur
Prof. M.Z. Kurian HOD, E&C S.S.I.T., Tumkur
Prof. B.V. Dhananjay Project co-ordinator Dr. A.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. V. Seenappa Principal Dr. A.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. BV Sumangala Asst. Professor Dr. A.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. K.L. Savithramma Head of Department Dr. A.I.T., Bangalore
Mr. PL Nanjundeshwar Managing Trustee Dr. A.I.T., Bangalore
Mr. Gangahanumaiah Chairman Dr. A.I.T., Bangalore
Mr. Mohan Nodal Officer Dr. A.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. GN Mohan Babu Project Co-ordinator M.C.E., Hassan
Dr. M.V. Sathyanarayana Vice Principal M.C.E., Hassan
Dr. MK Venkatesh Principal B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. K Radhakrishna Professor B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. G.N. Sekhar Professor B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. R.L. Nandeshappa Professor B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. R.V. Ranganath Professor B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. P.S. Satyanarayana HOD, E&C B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Mr. S. Raghunath Lecturer B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. K.N. Murthy Professor B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Mr. K. Mallikarjun Babu Vice Principal B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Prof. Rajan Sridhar HOD, Architecture B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Prof. Shashi Bhavi Katti HOD, Chemistry B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. S. Bisaliah Chairman B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore
Dr. R John Stephen Professor S.I.T., Tumkur
Mr. T.K. Nanjundappa Secretary, S.S.E.S. S.I.T., Tumkur
Mr. S.M. Shashidhara Professor S.I.T., Tumkur
Mr. Naveen Nagaraj Program Coordinator S.I.T., Tumkur
Mr. G.A. Shashi Kumar Professor S.I.T., Tumkur
Prof. I.R. Mithanthya HOD, CE N.M.A.M.I.T., Nitte
Mr. Yogesh Hegde Registrar N.M.A.M.I.T., Nitte
Dr. Niranjan Chiplunkar   Vice Principal  N.M.A.M.I.T., Nitte
Mr. H.V. Sudhakar Nayak Principal S.D.M.C.E., Dharwad
Mr. H.V. Ayachit Professor S.D.M.C.E., Dharwad
Mr. K. Jinendra Prasad Secretary S.D.M.C.E., Dharwad
Dr. Gopal H.G. Dean S.D.M.C.E., Dharwad
Dr. G. Raghavendra Rao Principal N.I.E., Mysore
Mr. SR Subba Rao Vice President N.I.E., Mysore
Mr. M. Sreepada Rao Hon. Secretary N.I.E., Mysore
Dr. TH Sreenivas Nodal Officer N.I.E., Mysore
Dr. R.N. Herkel Principal B.E.C., Bagalkot
Mr. S.V. Patil Asst. Professor B.E.C., Bagalkot
Prof. B.S. Anami Nodal Officer B.E.C., Bagalkot
Mr. M.M. Jigajinni   Director Technical   B.V.V.S., Bagalkot
Dr. S.C. Mohan Principal U.B.D.T.C.E., Davanagere
Mr. G.N. Madhu Asst. Professor U.B.D.T.C.E., Davanagere
Dr. E.T. Puttaiah Vice Chancellor Kuvempu University, Shimoga
Dr. V.D. Mytri Principal P.D.A.E.C., Gulbarga
Dr. Mahadevappa Gadge Nodal Officer P.D.A.E.C., Gulbarga
Mr. Srikant G.K. Sr. Grade Lecturer Govt. Polytechnic, Gulbarga
Mr. Suresh B. Sherugar Electrical Department Government Polytechnic, Gulbarga
Prof. K. Venkatesh HOD, Mathematics M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. Venkata Ramaiah HOD, Information Tech. M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. B Keshava Swarup Professor, E&E M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. A. Prabhakar ISE M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. B Janakiram HOD, MBA M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. S. Thirumalai HOD, IEM M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. R. Chandrashekar HOD, Mech., M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Rekha S.K. Manager (Trg) M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. Hari Murthy HOD, Arch. M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. B Kochhar HOD, Physics M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. D.G. Rao HOD, TE M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. KU Muthu HOD, Civil M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. S Chidananda Sharma HOD, BT M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. K. Venkatesh HOD, MCA M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. B.V.V Subramanya Professor, Civil M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. M.K. Muralidhar Mechanical M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. S. Ramanna HOD, Chem M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Dr. N.V.R. Naidu Professor, IEM M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. M.S. Srinivas Professor, Elec M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Shilpa M Lecturer, IEM M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Alamelu J. V. Lecturer, IT M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Mr. Bette Gowda Director of Phy. Edu. M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Dera Lecturer M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
S. N. Deepa Lecturer, BT M.S.R.I.T., Bangalore
Prof. Sudhakar Samuel Nodal Officer S.J.C.E., Mysore
Dr. K.V. Balaji Professor S.J.C.E., Mysore
Dr. B.G. Sangameshwar Principal S.J.C.E., Mysore
Dr. N. Govindaraju   Principal U.V.C.E., Bangalore
Prof. V. Keshav Electrical Dept. U.V.C.E., Bangalore


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