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    While we have a good educational system in place in general, it works well in parts and for only some section of the community. There are many felt needs for conducting activities to enhance the quality of the educational system, making it relevant and current so that it motivates the students, provides them with basics and equips them with relevant skills needed by the industries. Information availability to all, particularly to the rural poor is very low despite technological changes. Though industry interaction is found to be very desirable, the actual participation is not up to the required level. Further the fast changes taking place in the technological fields mean that the faculty have to upgrade their knowledge levels of current technologies. Hence, we need a flexible, private approach to bring together industrialists and educationists in order to provide knowledge inputs to faculty so as to improve their skills; to prepare and deliver learning resources to users - both students and teachers and reduce the digital divide. Modern trends in many technologies like Computers, MEMS, Wireless, RF devices, automation, Biotechnology, Nano devices, Smart materials, Software technologies etc., need to be introduced into our institutional cultures. So in order to generate and conduct activities towards this end and to be a focal point for the fusion of technocrats, engineers, industrialists, educationists, teachers and students, a non-profit, registered trust named Foundation for Advancement of Education and Research has been set up in 2004 by a group of academics and industrialists after detailed discussions.



    FAER - McAfee Scholar Awards Program 2017-2018

    FAER - McAfee Scholar Awards Program : 2016-2017 : Winners


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  • FAER - McAfee Scholar Programme
    2017 - 2018
  • FAER - McAfee Scholar Program

  • Motorola Scholar Programme 2015-16
  • Intel business plan contest

  • Alan Turing 2012 - India Celebrations

  • Technology Barrier Reduction Program

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    FAER - McAfee Scholar Awards 2016-2017


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